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Welcome to Crossfit Empower’s community

CrossFit Empower, established in 2008, is Crossfit affiliate #586. CrossFit now has over 12,000 affiliates worldwide.  Thank you for selecting us for the 2016 West Ender’s Readers’ Choice Award for the categories of Vancouver Fitness Facility and Vancouver CrossFit Gym.

CrossFit Empower’s programming is unique in its sustainable approach to fitness. Our goal is for you to achieve and maintain elite level fitness well into your senior years, and we specialize in adapting CrossFit programming to different ages, ability levels and physical needs.

Located in Vancouver’s Dunbar neighbourhood, our community is a mix of Professors, Grad Students, Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Business Owners, Retirees and other working professionals.

Ours is a very family-oriented community with the majority of our members training alongside their partners. CrossFit Empower is a place where couples and kids can work out side-by-side.

Life’s demands are so hectic — trying to balance career, family, friends and health — so we created a space for friends and families to exercise together. Three birds with one stone! (Sorry, you still need to go to work.)

At CrossFit Empower, we turn elite level conditioning into a game that everyone can enjoy. Training does not need to feel like work in order to produce world class results.

You already work hard enough; it is time to come play with us!

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I first met Michael around 2007. This was when I was CrossFitting in our garage gym, before I ever joined a Vancouver CrossFit gym. I remember thinking that this was a long grueling WOD. The name always filled me with dread.

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