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Established in 2008, CrossFit Empower is Affiliate #586 of over 14,000 CrossFits worldwide.  Thank you for choosing us for the Readers’ Choice award for the categories of best Vancouver fitness facility and best Vancouver CrossFit gym!  Our coaches are among the most experienced in Vancouver delivering a unique, sustainable training programming suitable for people of every age and fitness level.

What’s different about CrossFit Empower?

Dedicated Coaches
You are looking for a safe training environment which CrossFit Empower provides by being owner run.  Rather than hire part time coaches paid $20 per hour, you will be coached by two of the most experienced full-time coaches in the City who, as owners, have a vested interest in your success!

At CrossFit Empower we specialize in adapting CrossFit programming to every ability level.  Our members range in age from 11 to 73-years old and includes lifelong athletes and folks who have never exercised before.  Intimidated by CrossFit’s hardcore reputation?  The CrossFit Empower team has created a training environment that is safe and welcoming no matter your fitness level.

No other CrossFit gym in Vancouver offers as many daily group classes as CrossFit Empower.  We are open 5am-9pm weekdays and offer extensive weekend hours.  Your life is busy so you need a gym that offers scheduling options that allow you to fulfill on your fitness commitment!  We were open every day in 2016 and 2017 including Christmas Day and New Year’s.  We don’t close for our convenience, we stay open for yours!

Quality Standards
Other CrossFits have classes with 20+ attendees.  No matter how good the coach, you cannot do a good job of helping everyone in a class of 20 or more people (a 60-minute group class with 20 attendees would average 3 coaching minutes per person).  At CrossFit Empower we limit our class sizes to 8 or under ensuring that you receive sufficient coaching attention.

Safety is important to you.  CrossFit Empower takes many measures to keep you safe that our competitors neglect.  One simple example of this is our use of foam plyometric boxes.  Other gyms prefer the cheap $86 wooden or metal boxes that are a common cause of injury among CrossFit athletes.  Our foam boxes cost $400+ each but they eliminate injury risks ensuring that you stay safe.  We are happy to invest in your health!

Defined Beginner’s Curriculum
Rather than save ourselves money by throwing beginners directly into group classes we require every new CrossFitter to complete our Beginner’s program either individually or in a small group setting.  This program has been developed over 12 years to maximize your success and reduce your risks so that when you graduate to group classes you will have the confidence and competence you need to succeed.

Family Environment
CrossFit Empower offers the best couples’ and family rates in the City.  This has encouraged our members to invite their friends, neighbours and family members creating a space where parents, children and grandparents can enjoy training together.

Superior Programming
CrossFit Empower is the only CrossFit Affiliate in Vancouver that strictly follows the programming laid out by CrossFit headquarters.  Our warm ups and technical training also follow the standards set out for CrossFit coaches at the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 trainer certification programs.  We feel this strict adherence to training standards reduces injuries and accelerates athlete development.

At CrossFit Empower we turn fitness into a fun game that everyone can enjoy.  Training does not need to be monotonous or feel like work in order to produce spectacular, life altering results.

You already work hard enough; it is time to come play with us!

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