There were a few post-pistol complaints coming into this WOD, a power clean-thruster couplet.

We took a fair bit of time to focus on technique.  Some classes like the 6am worked to really incorporate the technique practiced into the WOD.  Others, like the infamous 5am demonstrated improved technique in practice then at 3, 2, 1, Go said to hell with it and went right back to what they were doing before.

One thing that all classes did well was select appropriate weights for the WOD.  Sometimes athletes go too light or too heavy but everyone was successful in selecting a weight they could complete in the 10-20 min time domain.

Kudos to those who managed to RX this one: Big Cat, Fast Trak, Magnum, Super Mario, Hard Rock, The Truth, Music Man, BFG, Bruiser & Sandman!


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