Every day they make you suffer.  Now it is your opportunity to watch them hurt!

Winner of the “Coach-the-Coaches” auction item, Sandman is bringing the pain and he is inviting you to come enjoy the torture fest that he has personally crafted for your coaches.

“Sandman is the right man for the job!” – BFG

“I’d pay to watch that!” – Super Mario

“I feast on Sandman’s tears.” – WOD Father

12:00 high noon Saturday October 14th at CrossFit Empower there will be a reckoning as “Coach” Sandman beats the WOD out of The Touch and WOD Father.

Tickets $20/person. 

Suffering not enough for you?  You want humiliation too?

Super Mario won the auction rights to dress The Touch for the event!

And The Touch will be choosing WOD Father’s attire.

Embarrassing video and photography rights free with price of admission.  Perfect keepsakes for your blackmail collection or share it on social media.  The humiliation options are endless!

Tables will be set up so you can bring food to enjoy while you watch the show.

The day you all have been waiting for is here:

Sandman’s Revenge!


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