December is a crazy, busy month with many changes afoot that will impact you.  Please read so you are not caught by surprise!

1) December Membership
If you are paying month-to-month, please remember that your membership is due Friday December 1st.  Cheque, cash, credit card or e-transfer all accepted.

2) Give the Gift of Fitness
2-for-1 CrossFit Beginner’s classes.  Give the gift of CrossFit Beginner’s group classes.  You pay for the month of January for one person ($250), they get to bring a second person with them.  Only available until December 24th.

3) 12-Days of X-Mas
Saturday December 16th 8am to 12pm.  Come join our annual event appropriate for all ages and all levels, our last time hosting it on Dunbar Street.  We will be participating in pairs, 4 pairs per 45-min time slot.  Only 1 partner registers in the online schedule.

4) Lift Off
Saturday December 2nd 12-2pm.  It’s not too late to register for this year’s Lift Off.  1 rep max clean & jerk, 1 rep max snatch and a short metcon announced tonight.  Come to play with us or to cheer us on:)

5) Painting Party 
Sunday December 3rd 11am-3pm.  Thanks everyone who helped us with the base coats, Sunday we hope to finish up with our final coats as we prepare for the arrival of our new mats and rig.

6) Moving Day
The time is almost upon us.  Sunday December 31st our WOD will be “Moving Day”.  We will need all the helping hands and all the trucks and vans we can muster to help us move all our equipment to the new gym space.  Monday January 1st we will have our New Years Day WOD in the new space!  In preparation for the move we request that all cubbies and personal effects be cleaned out by Friday December 9th.  Please let us know if you have trucks available for our moving day event.

7) Holiday Schedule
As we get closer to Christmas we will begin cutting less popular class times reverting to a holiday schedule when school is out.  We will also be adjusting some of our make up days to accommodate special events and keep us up to date with HQ programming so expect some programming alterations.

8) Make Up Day Changes
Thanks to Sandman’s suggestion, make up days will be at the coaches’ discretion.  If there is a WOD that you have missed in the recent past that your coach feels is important, you will be assigned that WOD.

9) Burpees Doubling
Tomorrow your burpees owing will double.  There are a lot of names on the board.  Some have been there quite a long while.  Cash or a dance on video are still accepted forms of repayment.

10) PB Board
November was a Frantastic month!  Great job on the Personal Best board!  Your consistency and hard work is really paying off!


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