Proper nutrition is such a critical component in your fitness journey but finding time and energy in your busy life to eat well can be a struggle.  Vancouver has a lot of prepared meal services and at CrossFit Empower we have sampled a few with varying degrees of success.

What we needed was a company run by a proper business person with food prepared by a proper chef and meals planned by a proper nutritionist.  I was so fed up I toyed with the idea of creating our own but it looks like I’m off the hook.

We were recently contacted by local company Fitness Foods.  Owners Erika and Tiffany Brown are the perfect pairing.  Erika is a chef and her sister Tiffany has a back ground in finance and customer service with a passion for fitness.  Their team includes a couple nutritionists.

We met with one of the nutritionists Brianna and were impressed with the company’s organized and well-thought out product offerings and delivery.  And the meal samples she brought with her were fantastic.  I’ve tried several prepackaged meals and have been underwhelmed by quality and quantity but this time I was not left unsatisfied.  This was food tastier than I can make for myself!

Furthermore, Fitness Foods offers a pre-frozen bulk order option for those of us who can dress up our own salads and sides.  They offer grass-fed, organic meat, fish or tofu already seasoned and cooked.  All you need to do is defrost, put it on a plate with the rest of the fixings and you are done!  This may come to replace our monthly Hills Meat order.

Besides being delicious, the meals came with a full ingredients list and a macro nutrient break-down.  Fitness Foods offers vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo and Zone compliant options.  It is a Coach’s dream come true!

11am Saturday June 10th Fitness Foods will host a Lunch & Learn at CrossFit Empower which will include lunch for attendees which I am told finishes with their famous “paleo” key lime pie for dessert!  Ask The Touch if it’s good, he ate mine:(

At the Lunch & Learn, nutritionist Brianna will be discussing pre and post-WOD fueling.

There is no cost to attend but space is limited, please book your spot online on our schedule.  If you have special meal requests please let me know in advance.

As Greg Glassman says you can’t be a right handed or left handed swimmer, you must use both arms.  Fitness requires proper training AND proper nutrition.  Doing one without the other is like swimming one-handed.  If your schedule has you feeling like you’re swimming with one arm tied behind your back, Fitness Foods may just offer you a solution!


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