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It's not just about the WOD
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CrossFit Empower: Rewriting the Rules of Aging!

If you believe in pursuing an active lifestyle at any age then you have discovered your community!

We believe in a future when families do not lose loved ones to chronic, lifestyle diseases.

We believe in fun, fulfilling and active senior years rather than years burdened by the suffering of mental and physical decline.

We dream of a community of active people empowered in their health and fitness; of friends, families and neighbours playing together.  Kids, parents and grandparents staying fit and active for life – together!

How will your health and fitness impact those you love?

Superhero: a person who uses his or her extraordinary abilities to help others and improve the condition of the world

At CrossFit Empower in Jericho Village Centre, Kitsilano on Vancouver’s West Side we are creating real life superheroes!

At CrossFit Empower we will uncover your special abilities, develop them and help you put them to use to save lives and improve the community you live in, no costumes required (unless you want one)!

And one of the lives you save and improve along the way will be your own:)

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Empowered Voices - Words from WOD Father from CrossFit Empower on Dunbar in Vancouver