Sprite has posted the challenge sheet and list of qualified judges for this year’s first CrossFit Open.  Tonight CrossFit HQ will announce the first event and we will program our heats.  Saturday morning we will deliver the BBQ and the fun will get started with 19.1, the first CrossFit Open event of 2019. You are invited to come join us for the fun.  You do not need to be a registered competitor to book your place on the schedule, come on out and try a scaled version of the workout for yourself and enjoy the potluck breakfast BBQ with us as you cheer for your classmates who are competing.

For our competitors, here are some tips to help you get through this year’s first CrossFit Open competition:

1) Breathe and Relax
You’ve been training for this all year.  There won’t be anything you haven’t seen before.  The Open is a test of functional fitness and that’s what we’ve been working on.  If there are skills programmed that you have not yet mastered, rest assured there will be a scaled option available for you.  You have put in the prep work, now enjoy the ride and use the results to evaluate what performance aspects you’d like to improve upon before October’s next Open event.

2) Familiarize yourself with the event
Watch the demo videos and read the standards posted by CrossFit HQ each Thursday night or on our blog each Friday.  Come prepared.

3) Arrange a judge
Especially if you are in an early heat Saturday morning or doing the WOD in an Open Gym time or on a Friday make up day.  Make sure that you have arranged for a qualified judge to be there for you.

4) Arrive early
Leave yourself enough time to warm up thoroughly and review movement standards and sequence.  It really helps watching others do the WOD first, so if you can arrive extra early you might watch a heat or two as well.  And make sure you chalk, gear up and use the washroom in advance.  Your heat will start at the scheduled time whether or not you are ready.

5) Don’t attach to the outcome
In competition you will have good days and bad days, it is all part of the learning curve.  Don’t beat yourself up over something that went poorly for you, use it as a lesson to make you better next time.  Over a 5 week period we all have events that don’t go our way.  Remember, this is all in fun, don’t let a bad attitude rob you and others of enjoying the event.

6) One and done
Do not redo a workout.  The Empower affiliate manager WILL NOT validate your second score submission.  If you have a chance of qualifying for the CrossFit Games, redoing a workout makes sense, otherwise it is just toxic behaviour.  Do the best you can on the first attempt and move on.

7) Log your score
Every year athletes get disqualified because they forget to log their score on the CrossFit Open Leaderboard.  Do it right away before you forget.  And make sure you submit your results and judge’s name to Sprite so that the affiliate manager can validate your scores.

8) Don’t check the leaderboard
Seriously!  Do not obsess about this.  Your week one ranking has little correspondence to your final ranking.  You will fluctuate from week-to-week and none of it matters but your final score.  It is all about consistency across disparate events and that picture doesn’t become clear until everyone has submitted the results of their fifth and final workout.  Submit your score early and don’t look again.  You will sleep better and enjoy yourself more.

9) Have Fun!
Remember, we are doing this for fun.  Chances are you are not going to the CrossFit Games this year.  The Open is just a fun way to measure your training progress over the past year and to help you refocus on which parts of your fitness you would like to improve moving forward.  At Empower the Open is all about coming together as a community and pushing ourselves and each other to higher levels of performance.  We do it for the fun of it.  Leave out the tantrums, excuses, whining and complaining.  Come to have fun cheering on your fellow Empower members.


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