Sprite’s CrossFit Open Recap and Update for Challengers

Congratulations we’re approaching the half way mark! 19.1 with Wall Balls and Rowing was burner for sure. In the first week we had an exciting group of challengers ready for battle; WOD FATHER went head to head with THE TOUCH with no handicap, THE TOUCH claimed his first victory of the competition season and everyone one got to enjoy WF take a lap. MOTOR and HHH also battled each other with HHH being victorious, MOTOR joined our coach on a 400m jog-of-shame that will forever be remembered. Whether you’re competing or a spectator it’s a great show to come down and enjoy some food and watch the competitors give it their all, the best part is watching the Coaches suffer!
19.2 was a classic Crossfit Open workout that included Toes to Bar, Double Unders and Squat Cleans and everyone brought their A-game. We had a lot of challenges that unfolded competition day. However as  19.2 came to a close on, Saturday, we realized that the defeated challengers had not completed their consequences.

This is a shout out to all competitors and challengers if you have any outstanding 400m laps or Burpees from last week, they must be completed. These games are just for pure fun however it’s unfair to the winners when their victory is not commemorated. A minor penalty of double or nothing will be initiated to those who fail to complete their burpees or run.  All runs must have video documentation from a coach (and of course it always help to have some spectators to watch). You can complete the outstanding laps or our less humiliating option of Burpees at any time in the short days to come or on Saturday.

GET READY for 19.3 the challenges are coming.  It will be another exciting weekend. We have some big name challenges going down that anybody who is anyone will want to see… this is a weekend nobody wants to miss and the anticipation is unbearable but come Saturday history will be made. You will need to wait to see the amazing lists if competitors battling for victory of 19.3 however some whispers that have been circulating might involve SPRITE vs THE TOUCH… YOU WONT WANT TO MISS OUT THIS WEEK. Come down and check if these rumours are true.

Saturday March 9th. THE HEAT IS ON.

5AM Challenges You

You know them, that hardcore 5am inner circle.  You’ve seen them strolling around the block in a post-Breka coffee & donut haze like they own the street.  Individual challenges aren’t good enough for the 5am so they’ve decided to call out the other time zones, timezone with the best average score wins.

Because I’d love to see them taken down a couple pegs as much as you would, I’ve accepted their challenge on your behalf.  Who do you need to beat?  Sandman, Boomer, Road Warrior, Crusher & HHH.

And who are the challengers?

Dauntless, Motor, Silk, Shades

Midday crew
Smash, Doc Disk, Shine, Sprite, Hammer, Fierce, MK

Evening Crew
Delta Nu, Super Mario, ET, The Nuke, Electric, Magnum, Hi-Power, The Heat, Blue


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