A few months ago the coaches at Rep 1 Fitness challenged the Empower coaching team to a Lift Off event.

Coaches The Touch, Big Cat & Super Mario have accepted the challenge (and HeeHee barring work conflict) and will be competing this coming Saturday February 17th starting 2pm at Rep 1 Fitness on Broadway.

The event is a fund raiser for breast cancer research and will include a DJ and bar.  Come on out and support a good cause while cheering on our team!

The lifts contested will be the Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.  Winners determined by your total score across the three lifts just like a CrossFit Total.

As CrossFitters we do not specialize in strength but Super Mario & Big Cat competing as masters have great back squats and The Touch has a solid deadlift.

Unfortunately the competition was only open to coaches as we have some big lifters in Delta Nu, Fast Trak, Dangers & Mr. Fantastic.  And we have a lot of strong masters women who would crush it including Bruiser, Hard Rock Motor and others.

Speaking of which, Still Waters is eligible to compete.  Would love to see her step up to represent Empower!

Please come out to support our athletes!  Please wear your Empower gear!


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