OK, so maybe there weren’t any chimps but we did have winners this weekend as well as challenge losers.

It was the third week of the 2019 CrossFit Open and there were challenges to overcome.  Many of our competitors are struggling with the plague that has swept through our gym.  For those of us healthy enough to come out and compete, the short, 10 minute WOD offered a trio of challenges.

At 35 and 50lbs respectively, the overhead dumbbell lunge would challenge many.  Overhead strength and lunging strength would both be tested over a distance of 200 feet.  It was impressive how many of our athletes stepped up to RX this load.

Best heat was certainly Sprite, Dauntless and The Nuke.  It was a heavy weight for all three women but they battled through with guts and determination!

After the lunges came the weighted box step ups.  This portion was just gruelling.  After 200 feet of walking lunges, it felt like hitting quicksand.  And many of our competitors would get mired down here.  Best performance was PomPom.  It was a high step up for her but she deftly used the dumbbell as a counter weight to help her step up on the box!

For those without hand stand push ups the WOD would end after the box step ups at 90 reps and the tie break time was critical.  As such we had many fast finishes on box step ups.  Motor and Smash who had challenged each other both scored a tie break of 8:10 exactly!  Fierce and Hi-Power who are in the same division scored tie breaks of 7:40 and 7:43 respectively, as close a finish as you could want.

50 Strict handstand push ups awaited those who got that far.  This year’s standards were a welcome break from the complex measures seen in previous years.  None of our Empower women managed a strict HSPU indicating a need to develop our strength in this area.

The men fared better.  Super Mario was pleased to put division upstart Smash in his place, edging him out by a single rep.  ET finished the box step ups with only a minute on the clock but banged out an incredible 13 HSPU in that one short minute.  With even less time, Blue managed 16 HSPUs!

But this was Sandman’s day for sure.  The 2018 Men’s 45-49 year old champ started week 1 of the 2019 Open with a surprising 4th place finish, toppled from the podium by The Heat.  A victory in 19.2 put him in 2nd place coming into this weekend, trailing Magnum and WOD Father by a single point.  And he didn’t let the opportunity pass him by.  Sandman hit 19.3’s lunges at full throttle and then went on to post the fastest tie break time getting off the box step ups at 5:32!  He didn’t waste the 4.5 minutes of HSPU time either, scoring a dominant 31 reps before the time cap.  It was the best performance of the day and puts him into a tie with WOD Father going into week 4, and yes, a personal challenge has already been issued!  These two division rivals will have a showdown next week at 19.4.

On the topic of challenges, challenge losers from this week and last weekly gamely donned the funniest from Silk’s tickle trunk and took their lap with good grace garnering attention from Jericho Village shoppers as they ran past.

Empower had another big win Saturday.  Bruiser stopped by for a photo op with The Boss before going on to the BC Masters Weightlifting championships.  It was her first competition and she didn’t hit her best lifts, but even when not at her best, Bruiser is still pretty good.  Good enough to win first place in her division.  Were you even a little bit surprised?  Congratulations to the BC Women’s Weightlifting Master’s Champion, Bruiser:)


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