2018 we have enjoyed a great start in our new location!

January was an exciting start to the New Year in our new home, February has even more excitement in store!  Here’s what’s happening:

1) New Beginner’s Group Classes starting February 5th
January’s batch of beginners have all graduated to group classes.  Next week we will be starting our next beginner group sessions.  We are offering a choice between 3 different schedules:

a. 7am Monday, Wednesday & Friday
b. 7pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday
c. 7pm Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday

There are only 4 spots available per time zone, if you or someone you know wants to get started contact ASAP!

2) Burpees Owing
TNT, MoFit & The Rock, you each have 25 burpees owing for late arrival to class tomorrow, February 1st they will double to 50 so get in here today and pay off your burpees!

3) Less Rest for the Wicked
In preparation for the 2018 CrossFit Open we are catching up with HQ programming so we will be down to one rest day per week for most weeks of February.

4) Rowing Seminar
Saturday February 10th two-time Olympian Will Dean will be at CrossFit Empower to help us hone our rowing skills.  If you want to secure one of the few remaining spots please contact ASAP!

5) Intramural Teams!
Great work team captains on assembling your Intramural teams for this year’s Open competition.  With 4 teams competing competition should be fierce and entertaining.  Can anyone defeat Smash?  Captains, make sure all your athletes register online for the Open and that at least 3 of your team members complete the online Judge’s course.  Here’s the proposed team rosters:

WOD Complex Trouble Unders Boom Shaka Laka The Snatching Sharks
Smash Delta Nu Silk Sprite
HHH McQueen Quicksilver Big Cat
Clue Carrera HeeHee Sass
Motor Fast Trak G-Money Hammer
Dauntless Dangers Music Man Tamahock
Shine The Rock WOD Father MK
Super Mario MakMama Crusher The Heat
PomPom Hi-Power CPA MegaByte
Yeti Avalanche BFG Aria
Rowdy Shades Notorious The Truth

6) Hard Rock’s Habits

So very impressed with everyone’s effort with their habits this month. Some amazing breakthroughs were seen… Sprite with her double unders, Tomahawk with her chest to bar..and many more I’m sure I have not heard about.

I have posted a new Habit Calendar for February with a few more spaces for those who may be interested in joining in. Please remember to keep it simple and achievable in a short span of time.  If your habit is too onerous you won’t realistically be able to maintain it. If you can’t maintain it, you can’t get sparkly stars…and everyone loves sparkly stars right?
A shout out to Shades for the most stars this month. No surprise there, this is a dedicated woman.
Keep it going team, and a huge congratulations to all who participated. Consistent effort can lead to  amazing results. Lets see what February has in store for Empower! – Hard Rock

7) 2018 CrossFit Open
The 2018 CrossFit Open starts in the last week of February and continues through to the end of March.  During the Open every Friday will be a Make Up Day and Saturday will be the Open WOD event.  EVERYBODY is welcome to attend and participate whether you are competing or not.

The WOD will be run in heats rather than classes so you must sign up for a heat.  It will be a potluck (we’ll get the BBQ out if we are allowed) so come prepared to stick around and cheer for the heats following yours while you socialize and eat.

Sometime before the first event Head Judge The Touch will be announcing the first spirit challenge for the Intramural Teams so expect some full on crazy fun to be on display every weekend.  You will be entertained!


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