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Attention Non-CrossFit Empower Members

Strength, Conditioning and Nutrition Class: Starting Friday September 28, 2018

Have you seen the moto of CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness?  If so, how does it sit with you? I was talking with a client recently about how CrossFit is perceived in the outside world.  The people she comes in contact with are dissuaded by CrossFit media images and can’t relate.  She tried to convey that what you see and what you get as an actual gym experience are two separate matters.  But skeptics they remained  Is the use of the word “elite” to promote CrossFit inadvertently marginalizing many who might otherwise benefit?  Is it happening to you?

If so, I understand.  I failed gym class after all.  “Elite” conjures up visions of a group of people who  stand above others, better than.  However, in CrossFit “elite” simply references the results the program elicits.  Top notch.  If followed.  CrossFit has shown me a path that works, an effective path, not an elite one.

Let me elaborate and hopefully eradicate any intimidation you may feel.  In CrossFit you will find a high level version of each movement and the functional, basic level.  Mastering high-level movements is not necessary to improve your health and fitness.  For example, you do not need to be able to knock out handstand push ups with ease but you do need to be able to press weight overhead to improve your shoulder strength.  For every CrossFit movement there is a version waiting for you, at your ability level, that will keep you fit and healthy for life  The key is to know your goals and make the CrossFit way work for you and your lifestyle.  It is not about being an elite athlete but the best version of you.

Some key points to remember.  Workouts will be tailored to your abilities and goals.  What Jane is doing has no bearing on Juliette.  It is the coach’s job to advise you on how best to approach each workout.  In each class you will see many different versions of the workouts being done. We start from where you are and work from there.

Here are some examples:  pull-ups can become ring rows, regular push ups substituted for handstand push ups,  box jumps traded for step-ups, a 1000 meter row altered to 500 meters, a mile run switched to to 400 meter walk/run intervals.  With consistency small steps will add up to big gains over time. It is fitness for all levels.

Want to give it a try with other like-minded folks?

Ten week small group (6 people max) strength, conditioning and nutrition class starts September 28, 2018.  Start thinking about your goals!

Class times:  Sunday 11am, Wednesday 7pm, Friday 6:30 pm.  $340.00 unlimited ($300 for 2 x per week, $250 for 1 x per week)

Come discover the best version of you this Fall!

To register or for more info contact Shades (aka Amy) at


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