CrossFit Group Classes
(Completion of Beginner Classes or prior CrossFit experience required)


 Individual Membership

 Family Special

$250/month unlimited, tax included in price

$225/person/month unlimited, tax included in price

1-on-1 Beginner Classes & Personal Training


Coach Hourly Rate 10-session Package
Coach Corey $100/hour $800
Coach Leon $100/hour $800
Coach Amy $80/hour $750

Beginner Special


Sign up for 2-months of CrossFit group classes and your Beginner Group Classes are included in the price!
(Ask about our Beginner Group Class schedule)

CrossFit Seniors with Coach Corey


Designed for seniors and individuals recovering from debilitating illness or injury, this program focuses on reclaiming the functional strength and mobility required for independent living.  1-on-1 sessions tailored to your specific needs.
$50/session (30 minutes) $450 for a 10-session package (30 minutes/session)
Contact to schedule your free assessment.