Arnold’s Success Formula: Goal + Work = Success.

Simple.  So why do so few people achieve their goals?

Having a goal is not enough.  Inspiration is only good enough to get you started.  But it won’t stick around when the going gets tough.  Training hard and eating clean is fun for a day.  But the grind gets monotonous day after day.  That’s why Rocky Balboa’s training is presented as a montage.  In montage it looks fun.  In reality, it is a grind.

Success is achieved through consistent effort over time.  There are no short cuts!  When you view your heroes you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.  You are witnessing the results of countless unseen, un-glamorous hours of toil.

It is the accumulation of those micro efforts over time that produce real results.  It is the ability to continue investing those efforts even after the motivation has worn off that enables you to achieve your goals.

And the breakthroughs are rarely dramatic, improvements usually come inch-by-incremental-inch.  Today’s performance looks much like yesterday’s.

But that’s neither sexy nor marketable.  That’s why fitness programs use fitness models in their marketing and offer ridiculous results that they cannot deliver.  At Empower we train real people, just like you, and we get amazing results.  But we don’t get them overnight.  We earn them through consistent effort over the long term.

If you’ve got the grit to travel the long road toward your goals and are looking for a community of hard working friends to accompany you on the way, you’ve come to the right place.  You may even learn to love the grind!

Our next CrossFit beginner group classes start March 4th 2019 and are included at no additional charge when you purchase a 2-month membership.  Morning & evening sessions available:

Mornings 7am Monday, Wednesday & Friday – 4 spots remaining (starting March 4th)
Evenings 7pm Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday – 2 spots remaining (starting March 5th)

Contact to book your spot now!


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