On Monday January 1st  6th months of hard work by our community finally culminated in the grand opening of CrossFit Empower’s new Jericho Village location in Kitsilano!  While much of the city was sleeping off its’ New Year’s hang overs our membership celebrated with a fun workout.

The WOD was designed specifically to show off our new space and highlight all the incredibly fun features of this adult-sized playground.

For years, great pieces of training equipment have sat under-utilized because we lacked the space for proper deployment.  Now members will have opportunities to play with all our toys on a regular basis!

Even with fully booked classes there was plenty of room to play.  The sunshine through the windows added to the celebratory feel.

After a 7-minute warm up athletes were divided into teams.  Each team would spend 7 minutes at each of 4 stations accumulating as many points as possible.

Station 1: Jungle Gym
This station was designed to show off our great playground features including 4x 14 foot rope climbs, 2x 12 foot rope climbs, a pegboard, monkey bars and cargo netting.

The high ropes were exciting (worth 3 points/climb)

The pegboard is super difficult (worth 1 point per peg move)

The cargo netting provides a great scaling option for athletes not yet strong enough to climb the ropes (worth 1/2 point per rung)

And the monkey bars at 5 pints per traverse were just plain fun!

The high score for the day at the Jungle Gym station was set be team Be Right Back who earned 159 points.

Station 2: Work Horse
Our new 25-foot turf track gives us a great space for handstand walks, hex bar carries, sled pulls, sled pushes and yoke carries.

At this stations teams had to carry the yoke 25 feet then push the sled 25 feet scoring 1 point each time they completed the cycle.

This station saw a 2-way tie between teams Threesome & A-Team

Station #3: Rolling Thunder
Our new 400m running route is only one lap and has no hills!  What better way to explore it than with a tire and a horseshoe bag?

The weather was perfect for a team trip around the block.

The way the tire was weaving made me wonder if all teams had in fact fully recovered from their New Year’s Eve festivities.

Team Best in the West dominated this event scoring 2 laps in 7-minutes, the only team able to do so.

Station #4: Earthquake
Our lifting platform is built upon a raised sub floor intended to minimize disturbance to our neighbours.

Members got an opportunity to test out our wonderful new Gorilla bars (2 points/rep for the 65lb bar and 3pts/rep for the 95lb bar).

The 20lb slam ball was worth 1 point per rep.

And our fun Atlas ball scored teams 4 points per rep.

Teams Reigning Champs and Be Right Back tied with 393 points apiece at this station.

Final Outcomes
Based on the points scored at each station and using a modified CrossFit competition ranking the team leaderboard is as follows:

First Place: Best in the West – 17 points

Second Place: Be Right Back – 18 points

Third Place: Reigning Champs – 19 points

Teams Joy and New Guy tied for 4th place with 21 points each.

Teams Threesome and A-Team tied for 5th with 23 points apiece.  Girl Power trailed with 29 points.

But the real winners were all of us because the space is so incredible!

Our new location is open for business.   We are accepting new members in personal training and private group training immediately and for those on a budget, our beginner’s group classes will start Monday January 8th with 4 morning spots and 8 evening spots available.


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