It is July already and we are in the midst of a long weekend schedule.  What a June we had!  Just look at the incredibly packed Personal Best Board.

Summer is always a crazy time with vacationing members coming and going making it hard to keep track of who is where.

Here’s what’s going on in July:

CrossFit Beginner Classes
Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday with Coach The Touch starting July 10th, space limited contact to reserve.

Summer Sweat with Shades
Every Wednesday and Friday Metcon focus, space limited contact Shades at

Strong Man Training
Saturdays 4:30pm with Dangers & Super Mario.  CanWest competitors get ready for the yoke & farmer’s carry events.

Empower Engine Works
Spin training Thursdays 1pm with Heather from Wholey Fit.  Three weeks remain.

CanWest Games
July 27th, 28th & 29th.  CrossFit Empower has 6 Masters athletes and one team of 3 representing this year at Percy Perry Stadium.  Come cheer on our competitors.  We will also be looking for team managers to help our athletes during this exciting and exhausting weekend.

Burpee Grace Period
There are a lot of burpees owing on the whiteboard, many of our newer members are not clear on how the burpee penalty works.  Unpaid burpees double at the end of the month.  Since you haven’t been forewarned we will give you until Thursday of this week to clear your name before we double your penalty.  Happy Canada Day;)


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