Monday morning was tough.  The plague tearing through our community had laid me low for several days and I was still weak, light-headed and exhausted from the ordeal and not at all ready for a full on coaching day – or for all the admin catch-up I would have to do.

But the morning dawned sunny and Zen Planner switched our website over to their servers revealing our glorious new website.  We basked in the glow of it as all our business emails came to an abrupt halt.

Monday and Tuesday afternoon and evening became a panicked search for what had happened to our emails with me bouncing back and forth frantically between the Zen Planner tech support team and our old hosting support team.  Both correctly seeing the problem as something on the other end.

I hated to do it, but in order to get us running I had to call in the heavy guns: Music Man.  His family has enough going on in their life without him having to rescue us from website and email purgatory but I saw no other way.

Zen Planner put us back to our old website restoring email functionality and averting the crisis while Music Man began his investigation into what exactly went wrong and how to work around it.

It seems our original host company is not set up to be compatible with what Zen Planner needs to do and we will need to migrate to another host before Zen Planner can go live again with the new website.  We may be looking at a 7 day delay.

Meanwhile our email works again as we pine over the absence of our lovely new website.  Thanks to Music Man and to Zen Planner for all the work they’re doing on their end to bring this to completion.  Things are never as easy as you want them to be.


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