When a community pulls together the whole is so much greater than the sum of it’s parts, ad considering all the fantastic individuals we have in the Empower community I am in awe of our as yet unrealized potential.

As 2018 begins our members are stepping up to take charge whether it is Music Man’s great sound system, Doc Disc’s new gym mascot Wolfman Jack, Fast Trak leading the apparel charge, HHH managing our marketing or so many others contributing behind the scenes.

Last year it was Silk’s delightful blog posts enlivening our membership, this year it is Shades motivating as she takes a lead on the all-important topic of nutrition.  And her example inspired another amazing member in Hard Rock who wasted no time in implementing her great idea which already has others jumping on board:

One Simple Habit

• Pick one small thing
• Commit to one month
• Check it off as you go
Inspired by Shade’s recent post I would like to challenge all of you to pick ‘One Simple Habit’.
Think of something that is strength or skill related that you would like to work on. Make it small and simple, something that you can complete in 5-10 mins before or after class.
Remember you are choosing a ‘habit’, not a ‘goal’.
“Having a back squat like Dangers.” Is a goal, not a habit.
“Having a shoulder press like Clue.” Is a goal, not a habit.
“Getting a muscle up.” is a goal, not a habit….
“Doing 5 sets of 5 ring dips” is a habit. This habit will help you build to your goal.
If you are not sure what to work on, check in with your coach. They watch you day after day, and undoubtedly they know where you have a weakness that you can tackle.
Commit to doing it every single time you are at the gym. When you do it, check it off and feel good about yourself. Consistent effort will, without a doubt, make a difference.
At month end, celebrate, reassess and reprioritize.
Remember to keep it small, specific and achievable.
So the next time you are in the gym, look for the ‘Habit’ poster. There you will find small cards to write your habit on and a space to put your name on the Habit calendar. Each day you complete your habit attach a sticker to the calendar. Super simple.
You Can Do This!



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