The 2019 Open is here!

If you haven’t already, please notify Sprite at if you are registered as a judge or athlete.  This will be your last chance to sign up to add some excitement to your life, and yes, I am saying competing or coming out to join the community on Saturdays will change your life for the better!

Make sure to list Crossfit Empower as your affiliate when you register in order to have your scores validated.  If you do not log your scores before Monday at 5pm Pacific Standard Time you will be automatically disqualified from the competition.  You must also submit your score and judge’s name to Sprite for verification purposes!

Competitors, start your engines because the big kick off will start 8am Saturday morning!  Come prepared twenty minutes prior to your registered time.  Arrange your judge in advance.  At the call of “3-2-1…” it is too late to shout “Wait, I don’t have a judge!” Have all your challenges arranged and ready for the competition floor. Remember these games are about camaraderie through fun and friendly competition.

Rules of handicapping the competition:
1) Agree with your competitor on a suitable handicap
2) Challenges are final once the workout is announced Thursday at 5pm
3) Each Monday Sprite will post a signup sheet that will represent the current competitors and who is challenging whom, don’t be shy
4) There will always be an option for the 50 burpee  by-out
5) Only registered competitors may issue challenges but everyone can enjoy watching the challenges!

Not competing?  No problem.  Everyone is welcome to join the party.  Please come prepared with an understanding of the workout and arrive early enough to warm up thoroughly.  Fridays Crossfit Empower will post a blog announcing the fast approaching, beautiful suffering about to commence.

Warm Up!  Make sure you are thoroughly warm.  Avoid cramping and injures due to your body being cold.  We will have general warm up movements that correspond to the Open WOD and specific stations to complete the warm up in.

If you would like to contribute food for our potluck table and are unsure of what exactly to contribute, we suggest you bring what you like to eat plus extra to share with the rest of the community.

Be the best you and put your best effort into each workout.  Also ENJOY yourselves and the journey to a higher level of fitness!!



if you are registered as a judge or athlete.  This will be your last chance to sign up to add some excitement to your life, a" />


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