Yesterday saw the return of the rowing pyramid I saw it as a good opportunity to practice the mechanics taught by Olympian Will Dean at our recent seminar and to practice consistent split time pacing.

Others saw it as an opportunity to go all out and sprint the row.

Either way, it was a fun WOD accessible to most and it was an opportunity to share some rowing insights from the seminar.

In every class we practiced leg-hip-arm drive.  In some classes we talked about things like drag factor, starts and reach.

BFG & Magnum to no one’s surprise, separated themselves from the rest of the men with Magnum taking it by 2 seconds.

Hi-Power was by far the fastest for the women with Still Waters just 2 seconds ahead of Quicksilver for 2nd place.

Most members were able to RX.  Here’s how the scores went:

Time Men Women
Over 20 mins   Sprite
Under 20 mins   Mom
Under 18 mins   Ms. Chiff
Under 17 mins Auto Motor, KMT, Hawkeye
Under 16 mins Skipper, Big Show HHH, Clue, G-Money, Dauntless, Monkey Flower, Fast Trak, Boomer
Under 15 mins Yeti, Crusher, Punisher, Mufasa, Rocket, Electric, Nitro, AV, Megabyte Quicksilver, Hard Rock, Hi-Power, Shades, Delta Nu, Still Waters
Under 14 mins Sandman, Rowdy, Music Man, Smash, Mr. Fantastic, The Rock, The Heat, Badger, Avalanche, Super Mario  
Under 13 mins BFG, Magnum  


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