Nobody will tell you that you stink.  On the West Coast we’re way too polite to say anything.  But we’re working out and sweating together at the gym and body odour is going to happen.  In summer, with our big doors wide open it’s not so noticeable but with the doors closed against the cold weather it’s harder to escape.  Every couple of years I need to rewrite this article so newcomers to CrossFit and veterans who may have forgotten, get a refresher on how to stay smelling fresh.

1) Personal Hygiene
When possible, shower before you come to the gym.  Or if, like me, you’re attending early morning classes, at least make sure you shower before you go to bed the night before.  If it’s been more than 8-hours since your last shower, chances are you won’t be at your freshest and once you get sweating, that situation isn’t going to improve.

2) Deodorant
I know we’re living in the “scent-free” age and it is politically correct to embrace your natural musk, but trust me, in the gym, your natural odour is not better!  You don’t have to bathe in body spray or clog your pores with antiperspirant, just a good sports deodorant will do the trick.

3) Wear Clean Clothes
90% of the time the problem isn’t you but your gym clothes.  Wear fresh, clean clothes to the gym.  Do not re-wear gym clothes without washing!  You wear gym clothes once and then wash them.

4) Hot Water Wash
Washing with cold water may save the environment but not the gym environment.  Cold water does not wash out the ammonia smell from gym clothes, neither does warm water.  It leaves you smelling like you pissed yourself.  You may not notice but we do.  Save our gym environment and wash your gym clothes with hot water.

5) Use Baking Soda
A bit of baking soda in the wash doesn’t hurt either.

6) Hang Dry Tech Fabrics
Most tech fabrics don’t do well in the dryer.  Hang drying them will increase their life span.  And it will balance out the energy you consumed with the hot water wash.

I sweat as much as anyone (more than most) and I work in a gym all day.  Through trial and error I’ve learned how to maintain my gym clothes.  No one taught us this in school.  Hopefully these few simple tips will Empower you in keeping your gym gear fresh for use!


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