No surprise, CrossFit Open WOD 19.4 combines snatches, burpees and muscle ups leaving us expecting thrusters and pull ups in week 5.

There is a 12 minute time cap with a mandatory 3 minute break between couplets. That means you have up to 12 minutes to complete the first couplet.

It also means that if you hope to reach bar muscle ups you must finish the first 66 reps in under 9 minutes. That’s right, many of the people worrying about bar muscle ups, likely do not need to.

To me, 19.4 sounds a lot like 19.1 and you should be considering a similar pacing strategy. I suggest getting through the snatches as quickly as possible and using the burpees to recover.

Like 19.1, a lot of Empower athletes will be able to RX 19.4 so Saturday’s event looks to be a very fast-paced, fun-to-watch event!

Several challenges worth watching this week:

Fierce vs Blue
Motor vs Silk

And in the men’s 45-49 year old division with Smash, Super Mario, Magnum, Sandman & WOD Father all capable of RX’d bar muscle ups, WOD Father has challenged Sandman to break their tie for top spot while Magnum, just one spot behind, looks to climb back up into first place. This one is going to be very close!


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