I have many injuries, is it safe for me to do CrossFit?

Our Fundamentals sessions are designed to help you reclaim strength and range of motion through necessary functional movement patterns.  Not only will this help you prevent injury it will help correct movement errors that are contributing to your current injured state.  We help athletes at every level get back into action.

Is CrossFit dangerous?

Yes.  If you don’t do it right.

Our coaches are specially trained to focus on proper movement mechanics BEFORE intensity so that you can enjoy sustainable fitness without the risk of injury associated with reckless, hardcore training approaches.

Do I need to get fit before doing CrossFit?

Getting you fit is what we do and we do it better than anyone else.  CrossFit workouts are scaled to suit your fitness level so come as you are and we will make you fitter.  Our classes include athletes of every age and ability level.

I am an older athlete, is CrossFit suitable for me?

CrossFit has largely been marketed to trendy 25-35 year olds but most of our Coaches are older athletes who enjoy delivering elite level fitness to their peers.  Our average age is about 43 years old with athletes from 11 to 70 years old participating in Group Classes.

I've seen CrossFitters on YouTube. I don't think I can do the hardcore training they do!

Everything in CrossFit is scalable to ability level.  Our program takes you step-by-step through learning progressions breaking down complex tasks into manageable chunks.  You will find yourself in no time performing feats you once thought impossible.

Women ask: Will I get big, bulky muscles by doing CrossFit?

No you won’t. Think sleek like a gazelle. Strong is sexy but don’t take my word for it, here’s some CrossFit ladies to prove my point.