What should I expect?

Expect to become hooked – Have you met one of those CrossFit fanatics who can’t seem to talk about anything else? You are about to become one of them.

Expect to become fit. Fast – Remember those limitations you thought applied to you? No, we can’t remember them either:)

Expect to spend less time in the gym – I know you’ve been raised to believe more is better but the effectiveness of CrossFit will get you better results in much less time than anything you have ever tried before.

Expect to feel amazing – Energized, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced. Life looks better when you are CrossFitting.

Expect to make the best friends of your life – Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up your old friends because

Expect to drag everyone you love to CrossFit – You will want to share with them the fantastic experiences and results.

Expect improvements in other areas of your life – Relationships, careers, recreation. Our clients attribute positive changes in so many facets of their lives to CrossFit. We believe them, it transformed our lives too:)

Expect to look great naked – We know this was the one you were waiting for but honestly, it is just a side effect of good training.