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A personalized approach:
Want to learn how CrossFit methodology can be utilized to help you reach your fitness goals?   I believe there is no one size fits all path to achieving optimal wellness.  We can all benefit from a CrossFit program tailored to our unique needs.  What works for one, may not be best for another.  The question is, what is the best way FOR YOU to achieve the results YOU WANT?

Different strokes for different folks:

Maybe the accountability of attending CrossFit Group classes multiple times a week is what you need.  Or you might benefit from personal training coupled with group classes. Perhaps you want to develop of your own CrossFit program to complete at home, in another gym, or our Open Gym hours.   Many people I work with use CrossFit classes and personal training to complement their marathon, triathlon or other sports specific endeavours.  Let’s start by talking about your goals. From there we can map out the ideal plan to reach them.

My training and credentials:
In additional to my fitness training I received my Master of Social Work degree from UBC in 1998,  have worked in the health care field since then and am also employed at UBC’s Center for Brain Health.  I have witnessed first-hand the difference a fit body can make in helping one prevent or recover from illness.  My work in the health care field has heightened my awareness of the difficulties people face when trying to make fitness a priority while juggling multiple other life commitments. Making time for fitness can feel like an uphill battle but with planning and small but steady steps your health and fitness goals can be achieved.

Read this link to find out more about my fitness journey and favourite health and fitness hacks 

CrossFit Level Two Trainer September 2018
CrossFit Level One Trainer March 2017
CFES Certified Personal Trainer December 2016 to present
Master of Social Work, UBC 1998
Understanding Addiction, CMHA Certification 2016
Motivational Interviewing, Change Talk Associates January 2016
First Aid September 2017

Additional CrossFit Courses:
Spot the Flaw
Lesson Planning

Recent Training Workshops:
Weightlifting, Starting Strength Craig Bearss 2018
Rowing, Will Dean 2018
Olympic Lifting Christine Girard 2016, 2017

Taking the next step:
If you are looking for assistance defining, developing and attaining your wellness goals and think we might be a match please contact me to set up a no-cost 30 minute consultation at: 604-809-5805 or

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