Coach Corey Lapell (aka WOD Father)

Christmas 2002. In the grips of terrible back pain, I lay face down on the carpet unable to rise, unable to lift my 4-month old son. It was perhaps my darkest moment. I was 30 years old. It was the day that I decided I would no longer be a victim to my body, that I must take responsibility for learning what I needed to learn and doing what I needed to do so that I would not spend the rest of my adult life in pain and suffering.

It was a long road from there to discovering CrossFit in 2005 but from that moment there was no looking back. Not only did I rehab with CrossFit, I quickly exceeded the fitness levels of my youth.  CrossFit Empower is the embodiment of my dream of bringing the same level of fitness breakthroughs to others like me struggling to reach their health and performance goals.

A competitive Judo athlete since 1980 my professional career actually began in UBC’s Teacher Education Program which I graduated in 1998 embarking on a 3-year teaching career with Richmond School District.  My first foray into business came in 2001 when I entered the world of professional staffing.  Throughout my vocational explorations my passion for athletics never waned.  In 1998 I received my NCCP Level 1 Judo coaching certification and began helping coach at the UBC Judo Club.  In 2003 I completed my the BCRPA strength & conditioning certification and became an assistant instructor at North Delta Judo Club.  In 2005 I received my NCCP Level 2 Judo coaching certification and co-founded Delta Kaigan Judo Club, quickly growing it into one of BC’s largest Judo Clubs.

Also in 2005 I discovered and fell in love with CrossFit.  In 2008 I received my CrossFit Level 1 coaching certification and began coaching CrossFit affiliating as CrossFit Empower later that same year.  By the end of 2017 I will have coached more than 10,000 hours of CrossFit group classes plus thousands of hours of private/semi-private coaching.

My coaching approach draws heavily upon my martial arts background and my professional teacher training.  To better serve our members I have continued to my professional development by attending the CrossFit Level 2 Coaching certification, NSCA conferences, CrossFit specialty certifications such as Gymnastics, Endurance, Power Lifting, CrossFit Kids and others while dedicating 300+ hours per year to online study in the areas of health, fitness, nutrition and human performance.

I also regularly attend courses hosted at CrossFit Empower with sports specialists like Olympic gold medalist Christine Girard, Track and Field coach Michaela Colluney, professional Gymnastics coach and veteran CrossFit Games competitor Jennifer Dober and many others.  

There is no greater joy for me than working with people whose bodies and spirits are as broken and fragile as mine once was and watching them soar to heights they hadn’t dared hope for. Don’t give up on yourself and I won’t give up on you!

Able-bodied is less important than able-minded!

My Certifications and Training

  • CrossFit Level I Certification Golden, Colorado, June 1 2008
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate, CrossFit Belltown, Seattle, August 2014
  • Crossfit Running Certification, CrossFit Vancouver, Brian MacKenzie August 2009
  • Crossfit Gymnastics Certification, CrossFit Vancouver, Jeff Tucker Oct 24-25 2009
  • Crossfit Barbell Certification, Redmond, Washington, Mark Rippetoe Nov 7-8 2009
  • CrossFit Kids Certification, Bellevue Washington, June 2010
  • Sprinting, CrossFit Empower, Michaela Colluney 2014
  • Power Lifting, CrossFit Empower, Joel Klassen 2014
  • Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Empower, Christine Gerard 2012, 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Vancouver, Charles Staley 2010
  • Olympic Lifting – Clean & Jerk, CrossFit Vancouver, Kelly Frankson, 2009
  • Olympic Lifting – Snatch, CrossFit Vancouver, Kelly Frankson,2009
  • Gymnastics, CrossFit Empower, Jennifer Dober 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018
  • Gymnastics, Phoenix Gymnastics, 2011
  • Gymnastics, Hand Balancing, CrossFit Vancouver 2011
  • Rowing, CrossFit Empower, William Dean 2018
  • Rowing, Patti Lawson, CrossFit Empower 2015
  • Rowing, CrossFit Vancouver, Emily Beers 2011
  • Competitive Swimming, Vancouver, Lucien Zucchi 2016
  • Skipping, CrossFit Empower, Jen Dillinger 2015
  • Sport Science, CrossFit Vancouver, Tony Leyland 2010
  • Paleo Solution Seminar, Robb Wolf 2011
  • Nutrition, CrossFit Vancouver, Kelly Frankson, Winter 2009
  • CrossFit Judges Course 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018
  • 1st place in BC 2017 CrossFit Team Series Masters Men 40-44
  • 1st place in BC 2017 CrossFit Lift Off Men 45-49
  • Occupational First Aid Level 1
  • 2nd Degree Black belt Kodokan Judo
  • National Coaching Certification Program Level 1 & 2 (Judo) 2001
  • BCRPA Theory and Weight Training Modules 2003
  • AKC certified Kettlebell Coach Apr 2008
  • Blauer Tactical PDR Coach Certification Apr 2008
  • Blauer Advanced Multiple Assailants Certification Oct 2008
  • Blauer Advanced Weapons Defense Certification Apr 2009
  • Bachelor of Education (elementary), UBC, 1998 current teaching certificate holder
  • Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology, UBC, 1997