It is the nature of CrossFit programming to build you up and then smack you down.  For me it was the legless rope climbs that ripped the super hero cape from my shoulders reminding me I’m just an ordinary guy with ordinary struggles like everyone else.

For many other members it is today’s combo of double unders and handstand holds that is exposing weaknesses that still need to be addressed.  I can read the frustration in your faces and all that I can say is that, now in my 14th year of CrossFit, it is still a work in progress.

The programming is such that you will never feel like you have arrived.  It will just keep on exposing where you are weak and reminding you that however far you have progressed, there is still another level to reach.  It is what I really value about CrossFit HQ programming.

Keep working on developing strength in that handstand hold.  And if you’re looking for double under tips, check out WOD Prep’s recent video above.


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