How many times a day do you feel like you have to do something? Whether it is going to work, making dinner, carting kids to and from soccer, I have to move the boxes, we all have demands that can sometimes seem like too much. While I was in Boston at CrossFit New England Harry Pall introduced a concept they use called “I get to”. Rather than having to go to work you get to. Rather than having to make dinner your get to. Rather than having to cart your kids off to soccer you get to. It is a very subtle shift that makes a huge difference.

Next time that you are in a situation that feels like you have no power and no choice try re-framing it with “I get to”. This can change things from seeming super crappy to making you understand how it ties in to the greater good. Just to be clear, you don’t ever have to like it but it could make it more bearable. I get to work over time, so I get to take my family away, has more power than “I have to”.

In a CrossFit context there are work outs that I prefer not to do: 15km run, marathon row, anything that has air squats in it, and the list goes on. Let’s take air squats for example: I would prefer weighted squats any day, but I get to do air squats and every rep is an opportunity to improve. These improvements can add to the greater good that is heavy back, front, and over head squats.

The next time you find yourself in an emotional pit of despair, over what is on the board, remind yourself how fortunate and lucky you are to get to do this. For me there was a time that I was a bouncer and I prefer to get to do air squats over that stuff any day of the week.

The challenge for you:  the next time you have to move the boxes from under the little people bar, remember that you get to do that extra movement/ warm up. The next time the kids are being jerks as you take them to soccer remember that you get to help them become adults you will be proud of.

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